UI/UX Designer

UI-UX Web Development Services

Thousandfold is based on a lean UX and design thinking approach which places the user at the heart of the reflection. This approach is familiar to startups who need to be agile and quickly create prototypes while optimizing funding.

Experts in UI/UX design and development services, we place the needs of your users at the heart of the design of your digital solution. Thousandfold is one of the leading UI/UX web design and development company dedicated to the world of connected objects. It supports its clients in creating intuitive and attractive interfaces and in optimizing their services. With nearly a decade of experience in UI/UX design and development services, we have worked with SMEs as well as bigger brands. Since its creation, the company has always placed UI/UX Design at the center of its approach when supporting its clients.

UI-UX Web Development Services

The website development services include building a mesmerizing website for a variety of industries or sectors and of any degree of complexity. In other words, our best website developers are all ears to listen to you and build highly scalable customized websites and portals.

  • Prototype Design: It consists in producing simplified models in responsive design, allowing you to visualize the location and behavior of the elements (visuals, editorial content, and features) that will make up your graphical interface.
  • Graphic Design: An emerged part of the iceberg, it is the visual layer which is applied to the previously defined structure. By combining intuitiveness and aesthetics, it must provoke at first glance an emotion - ultra-positive in the user. And that is what makes us vibrate.
  • Frontend Design: Because it is the design of an interface that elicits the support of the user, we take care of its realization down to the smallest detail. Our graphic formula? Attractiveness + intuitiveness.
  • Mobile App GUI Design: Our UI/UX designers master the CMS of your dreams and always code in accordance with standards. The user is at the heart of each of our services. By focusing on better user experience, you will increase your visibility.