Accelerating digital transformation with expertise-driven RPA

Implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can significantly benefit businesses in terms of higher efficiency, cost savings, and intelligent business processes. RPA helps automate repetitive, rule-based tasks, allowing more time for value-added domain-specific work. With intelligent automation, organizations can address business process challenges and self-evolve to keep up with the disruption.

RPA technology is a boon to increase the growth of your enterprise. We help you to reduce human errors and increase the accuracy of repetitive tasks. Our RPA consultants combine deep enterprise IT capabilities and matured RPA automation through our dedicated center of excellent to enable enterprises achieve their goals. Our expert RPA developers build solutions to eliminate inefficiencies, eliminate data entry, and help to automate tasks like making payments and report generation. Our primary objective is to provide more chances for growth, both to your organization and your employees.

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Benefits of RPA

As one of the premier RPA service provider we enabled companies – ranging from startups to enterprises to automate highly repetitive, routine, and complex tasks. We help organizations accelerate business process transformation, enhance productivity, maximize ROI, and focus on higher-value work.

  • 25-50% Cost Savings
  • 80-90% increase in speed process
  • 35-50% increase in employee productivity, service levels and capacity
  • FTE reduction
  • Non-Disruptive implementations & functioning
  • No additional infrastructure requirements
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RPA Lifecycle Process

Open source web data extraction tool

Identification of routine manual process

Web extraction tools

Process analysis and detailed use-case development

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Recording of click-level detailed steps

Web scraping vs api

Bot building and testing using RPA platform

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Identification and documentation of standard operating procedures

Data analysis tools

Bot deployment, continuous review and performance assessment

Web data scraping

Maintenance bot performance, assessment continuation and escalation consulting

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